Istorya Studios and Nomad Projects

Istorya Studios and Nomad Projects

Challenging conventional ways of learning with Nomad Projects: Playing Patandaan with the Dumagats of Nakar, Quezon



Last March 2023, Istorya Studios provided educational games and play materials for kids and kids-at-heart to Nomad Projects. This includes Istorya Studio’s Petpuppets, which encourage imagination and expression, along with the interactive and informative card games Patandaan and Sangandaan.

Founded by artist Vien Valencia, Nomad Projects is a community-based artistic research initiative and educational laboratory. From their projects, initiatives, and collaborations, one can see how they are exploring the unconventional in terms of learning. 

Since providing the materials, Nomad Projects has already been able to bring Istorya Studios’ card game Patandaan to the Dumagats of Nakar, Quezon province. 


Members of the community were able to play this fun and engaging game centered around mostly historic Philippine personalities.