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Istorya Studios, Inc.

Chicken Army by Rodel Tapaya (Viridian Edition) 001


Artist: Rodel Tapaya
Title: Chicken Army (Viridian Edition) 001
Medium: Mixed media
Size: 15.16 x 4.92 x 3.94 in
Year: 2022
Edition: 1/10

*NOT FOR SALE (Artist Collection)*

Chicken Army by Rodel Tapaya

The inspiration for these series of sculptures came from a myth from Bulacan, Philippines, called the Origin of Birds. It tells the story that a long time ago there were still no birds on Earth. There were three kings then: Rajah Manuk, Rajah Uwak and Rajah Lawin.

Rajahs would fight to expand their dominions. Unsatisfied with all his victories, Rajah Manuk wished to conquer the two kingdoms ruled by Rajah Lawin and Rajah Uwak. They fought over nothing, but for cruelty and greedy ambition.

The gods got irked by their fighting and turned these humans into birds so that their descendants might not forget their gruesome acts. Since Rajah Manuk is the most greedy or worst among the three rajahs, his tribe was transformed into terrestrial birds that will forever stay grounded.