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Patandaan Philippine Regions Card Game

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“Pakatandaan mga lugar sa ating bayan.”

Where and when? Here and now! Compete and learn about the history of places in the Philippines. PATANDAAN™️ REGIONS is a card game that can be played by two (2) to five (5) players. The Patandaan cards in this deck feature either one of the 82 Philippine provinces or a locale under the National Capital Region along with their founding date and other informational tidbits. Increase your chances of being awarded Tanda cards by playing Patandaan cards of places older than your competitor’s or by countering with the Special cards that may be up your sleeve. Gain the most Tanda cards to win the game! So, let’s go?

For ages seven (7) and up, a gameplay session is projected to be at least 15 minutes.